Joy Bernard

Writer, journalist, art critic and performance artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

I am a freelance journalist specializing in visual arts. My writing – in English and in Hebrew – has been featured in publications such as: HaaretzFlash Art, Collectors Agenda, The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, TimeOut, As PromisedTelavivian, Portfolio Magazine, Erev Rav and Art Source.  

Art I create solo performance and movement shows, which I like to think of as stories I tell with my body. These movement stories combine my three languages: Hebrew, English and dance. To see some of my works, please visit the Performance section. 

Journalism I have held key positions at Israel's leading English-language newspapers. At Haaretz, I directed the print and online news desks, where I led large teams and oversaw the daily production of the publication's newspaper and the management of its website. At The Jerusalem Post, I served as features writer and editor, covering breaking news in the Middle East. For both publications, I wrote extensively and edited reports about politics, diplomacy, welfare issues and culture. 

Writing My writing about art is inspired by research and draws from personal observations about the field, which combine insights from the worlds of literature, poetry and psychology. For some examples of my recent coverage, visit the Writing section. 

Talks I moderate various talks, on and offline, about the work and process of artists whose practice I advise and follow closely. Among the institutions that have invited me to facilitate lectures and talks are: The Ilana Goor Museum, Art Cube Artists' Studios, Tel Aviv Artists' Studios, Har-El Gallery, Inga Gallery, Art Source Online and Saloon Tel Aviv. To catch some of them, you're welcome to tune in via the Talks section. 

Photo credit: Lital Megidish

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