You, Me and the Last War 

Live performance, 12' 
Concept, choreography and performance: Joy Bernard 
Videography: Adi Shraga

A performance commissioned by Israeli art collective Square 1 and performed in August 2021 at the Square 1 exhibition in Jaffa's Lotan Gallery. 
The video sequence of the performance exists as an independent video work that was exhibited in the show. 

For this work, I took on the character of a news broadcaster who reports live on a year of war, civil unrest and the reality of the plague in Israel. The news anchor finds herself at a loss for words. Instead of reporting the news, she moves in response to video footage of real events that are projected on her body.
The videos I used were taken by professional photojournalists and activists; by moving in response to them, I danced with my past as a news editor. 
Through this creation, I attempted to ask: Have we as a society become anesthetized due to overexposure to violent images? And what happens to the dancer whose choreography is based on the violent movements of the masses?